It Starts With The Heart.

Heart disease is still the #1 cause of death in the US, but it is largely preventable. Boone Heart Institute can ensure that you never have to worry about your heart health again. With our help, you can…

  • Find Out Where Your Heart Health Stands
  • Prevent Heart Disease From Developing
  • Reverse Any Damage That Has Been Done
  • Get Peace of Mind About Your Overall Health

Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention

Patented testing and custom prevention programs geared toward reducing your risk factors.

Stress Analysis and Management

Examinations geared toward analyzing your body’s response to different stress factors.

Family History and Genetics Assessment

Genetic lab testing and analysis to assess additional biological risk factors.

Because of these thorough testing protocols and advanced treatments, the Boone Heart Institute believes that heart disease can be completely eradicated.


So Much More Than Heart Health.

Despite our name, Boone Heart Institute cares about much more than just your heart. We have expanded our knowledge into preventive and functional medicine to keep you happy and healthy, rather than only seeing you when you get sick.

Cancer Prevention

Screenings, lab work, and prevention plans aimed at reducing risk factors.

Brain Health

Testing and treatment proven to improve brain function and limit cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

Peptide Therapy

Custom peptide therapy treatments used to trigger specific regenerative and anti-inflammatory reactions within the body.

Sleep Management

Treatment plans to help improve your daily sleep patterns and overall sleep health.

Sexual Health

Increase your libido and improve your sexual performance by addressing the source of the problem.

Gut Health

A healthy micro-biome can greatly improve both your digestion and your overall wellness.

Athletic Performance

Stay at the top of your game with performance enhancement and chronic injury recovery.

Hormone Therapy

Maintain balanced levels of testosterone or manage the signs of menopause.

Corporate Wellness

Protect your business and your employees – a healthy team means a healthy business.

Meet Our Doctors

Together, Dr. Jeffrey Boone and Dr. Abid Husain have over 30 years of experience in preventive cardiovascular and functional medicine. They have combined their extensive knowledge and expertise to blaze a trail toward a more balanced way to care for their patients.


Three Simple Steps to Total Body Health


Decide how you want to start your care with us, and begin your journey on your very first visit.


Plan your personalized care calendar with a doctor and start working toward a happier, healthier you.


Look forward to the future knowing that you can live longer and feel younger with Boone Heart!


Each of our programs is designed to address specific concerns you may have about your health and wellness. Our three major goals are intervention, prevention, and regeneration – we can heal you when you’re sick, create a plan to keep you from getting sick, and improve how you feel when you’re healthy.

Complete Testing Under One Roof

Boone Heart’s care programs are uniquely convenient because we are are able to perform all testing and care in-house. No need to drive from one doctor to another – we can give you the complete picture right here in the office.



Of the thousands of people who have come through our doors, none have ever died from a heart attack or stroke. These are the real stories of people who have changed their lives with help from Boone Heart Institute.


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