Brain Health at a Heart Clinic?

Through the decades of cardiovascular research performed at The Boone Heart Institute, we have noticed that many of the treatments we administer to prevent heart disease also result in improved cognitive function as we age.  

When we are successful at preventing heart attack and stroke, our patients live longer.  But what is another concern that many aging people have? The onset of cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

With that, we set out to research how our cutting-edge cardiovascular care might also address our brain health as we age…

What We Know About The Aging Brain

We know that brain function naturally declines with age. We also know there are many factors that can affect cognitive aging: lifestyle, hormones, pharmaceuticals, antioxidants, etc. But there are no monitoring tools or protocol available for people hoping to prevent mental decline and track their brain’s performance.

Our Research

Because of his particular expertise, Dr. Boone initially approached brain health from a vascular perspective, theorizing that if you can continue to improve blood flow to the brain, you can readily supply it with oxygen and nutrients needed to function at optimal levels.  

Wanting more information, Dr. Boone partnered with a group researching brain health on College Athletes who have suffered concussions. In their research, they noted differing speeds and levels of post-concussion recovery.

Dr. Boone theorized that, If the brain can show significant recovery post-concussion, then an aging brain—which quantitatively resembles a concussed brain—can also potentially be repaired.

The Boone Brain Health Protocol

To discover the correlation fo cardiovascular health and brain function, Dr. Boone developed the Boone Brain Health Protocol; a combination of cutting edge blood testing, blood flow evaluation, cognitive measurement and genetic testing for Dementia Risk Factors.  

The Carotid IMT

  • The cornerstone of heart and brain health

  • Highway connecting these two vital organs

  • Detect blood flow and plaque levels

Genetic Blood Tests for Dementia Risk Factors

  • Advanced bloodwork that measures at the DNA level

  • Identify common genetic traits associated with Dementia

  • Develop preventative treatment protocols

Wavi Sub-Section

Using a cutting-edge diagnostic tool called the Wave Brain Scan, we can effectively measure current levels of Brain Power, Speed and Reaction Time. Afterwards, we compare the results to the normal levels and calculate an adjusted ‘brain age’ based on your results. This diagnostic evaluation allows us to track the progress and success of our treatment protocols.  

  • Wireless EEG Helmet as Brain Wave Collection Device

  • Comparison with national database normal ranges, adjusted for age

  • Detects preclinical dementia and impairments in attention and short-term memory

  • Data Driven Physiological Correlations

How It Works

If you’re concerned about your current cognitive state, or potential cognitive decline, good news… we can help. And it’s all included as part of your overall medical care at The Boone Heart Institute.

All of our Brain Health tests are administered as part of your Executive experience, and the results are factored into your overall treatment plan, along with your cardiovascular assessment and treatment protocol. So feel confident in knowing that it’s not just your heart health we’re improving, it’s your brain health as well.

Case Studies

The following case studies show the brain power, speed, and reaction times of our patients before and after being treated.

Patient 1:
60 Year Old Male

Patient 2:
53 Year Old Female
Motivational Speaker

Patient 3:
30 Year Old Male

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