Our Mission

Dr. Jeffrey Boone founded the Boone Heart Institute in 2008 with one sole purpose in mind: the prevention and eradication of heart disease. Though it may sound like wishful thinking to some, Dr. Boone’s decades of experience and knowledge in preventative cardiovascular care are pushing the Boone Heart Institute to make leaps and bounds toward a future free of heart attacks or strokes.

There are a lot of talented cardiovascular doctors and advantageous treatments for heart disease in the world today. The only problem they present is they are all designed to treat heart problems after the patient is already sick or has suffered a heart attack or stroke. This is where the Boone Heart Institute sets itself apart. Dr. Boone and his team specialize in preventative cardiovascular care, allowing us to keep our patients’ hearts healthy and strong from day one, without ever having to see a hospital bed.

Using cutting-edge technology, the Boone Heart Institute is constantly developing innovative ways of analyzing and treating the major risk factors for heart disease. The treatment options offered by the institute can even work to reverse these risk factors and effectively decrease what Dr. Boone calls your “arterial age.” Because of these amazing treatments, the Boone Heart Institute has never once had any patient under their care suffer a heart attack or stroke- and we plan to keep it that way. As Dr. Boone says, “No one should ever die of a heart attack.”