Guardian Angel


The Boone Heart Medical Team’s expertise does not stop at the heart. Our medical knowledge —combined with our connections throughout the health care world- allows us to support, treat, and advocate on behalf of our patients throughout the year. Whether you need a trustworthy referral, a second opinion, or expert help with a mystery condition, Boone Heart is here for you.

We offer our guidance through the confusing and often frustrating world of health care. Since the program’s inception, the Boone Heart team has responded to dozens of unique patients from age 18 to 88, assisting, coordinating, supervising, and maximizing their care in disease management systems both in and out of the hospital setting.

When it comes to your overall health, it’s nice to know that you have someone by your side to help guide you through the most difficult health care situations.

Guardian Angel Network

 The Boone Heart Institute has cultivated a network of physician and health care organizations dedicated to prevention, longevity and global health. We call this our Guardian Angel program. Our patients trust us with their health, and we are dedicated to connecting them with the absolute best.

 A comprehensive, personalized approach to total body performance.  Access the best experts in the world in medicine, psychology, neuroscience, sports rehabilitation, nutrition, and more all under one roof.

 Cancer prevention experts who provide personalized risk assessment for the twelve most common cancers in the United States with a focus on establishing genetic, nutrition, lifestyle, and exposure risk factors.

 A world-class collection of resources focused on longevity. Committed to bringing the science and easy-to-implement lifestyle changes needed to live a long, active life into your 90s and beyond.

Leaders in brain health and cutting-edge neurological imaging. Our partner for advanced brain imaging.

 Our antioxidant formulation of choice. Researched and developed in conjunction with the Department of Defense and NASA. Scientifically backed cellular protection.

 A non-profit charity dedicated to the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular events in high school athletes. Our aim is to ensure that young people are able to safely pursue their athletic dreams. Free heart testing for our next generation.