Comprehensive Cardiac Testing Provided by One of the Nation’s Top Physicians

The Executive Program at Boone Heart Institute is a world-renowned program for administering cutting edge preventative cardiology care. Our executive examinations include a litany of patented tests and strategies that supply our Medical Team with a clear view of your cardiovascular system – so you’ll never miss a beat.

For three decades, Dr. Boone has been world renowned as an expert on the effects of mental stress on the heart. Our patented techniques will provide a comprehensive picture of your cardiovascular system both at rest and during stress, simulating the highs and lows of your everyday life.

Based on the results of your testing, Dr. Boone will develop a individualized plan to halt and reverse any risk factors, and effectively decrease what he would refer to as your “arterial age.” As a result of these advanced treatments, the Boone Heart Institute has never had any patient under their care suffer a heart attack or stroke; we plan to keep it that way. As Dr. Boone says, “No one should ever die of a heart attack.”

1 Day With Dr. Boone

1. Arrival


We schedule a full day for our Executive Physicals, which take between 4-6 hours to complete. Your day will begin by meeting with our Program Coordinator to complete a medical questionnaire that will review your medical history, current symptoms, and medications.

2. Phlebotomy


Following the initial consultation, we will take a blood sample and urine sample. This will be used to conduct advanced laboratory testing. Once complete, you will be provided with breakfast snacks, coffee and beverages.

3. Imaging

Next you will go to our imaging room where we will perform a series of non-invasive ultrasound tests, which will assess different points in the body and give us a window into your overall heart health.


C-IMT is an ultrasound measurement of the thickness of the interior wall of the carotid arteries that is proven to independently predict risk for heart attack and stroke.


An electrocardiogram (EKG) uses multiple wired patches placed on the chest to measure the heart’s electrical activity, heart rate and rhythm. It also assesses any damage to the heart muscle.


A 20-minute ultrasound of the heart muscle and valves that determines the thickness, compliance, and size of the heart chambers, and assesses the anatomy of the heart and its valves.

Impedance Cardiography

The ICG test provides us with information about your heart’s ability to deliver blood to the rest of your body, the force your heart has to pump against with each heartbeat, and the amount of fluid in your chest.  The ICG test measures the mechanical function of the heart and provides different information than an EKG.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening

Evaluates the abdominal aortas to detect aneurysms and plaque, which can be life threatening if not discovered and treated. Especially important for smokers and the overweight.

Ankle Brachial Index

A blood pressure measurement in the extremities combined with an ultrasound of the arteries in the legs.  Compared to the arm, lower blood pressure in the leg is an indication of blocked arteries (peripheral vascular disease).

Blood Pressure Assessment with MOST Protocol

This is a series of blood pressure measurements we conduct under various conditions to assess your cardiovascular system’s ability to handle mental stress. The different conditions—lying down, sitting up, and performing basic math—simulate the stresses of a typical day.

Exercise Stress Test

Dr. Boone will supervise a Stress Echo test performed on a treadmill, which can assess how well the heart tolerates high activity.

4. WAVi Brain Scan


The Boone Heart Institute is one of only two facilities outside of research institutions with the WAVi helmet. The WAVi brain scan utilizes a cutting-edge EEG helmet to measure your brain waves, quantifying your brain’s power, speed, and reaction time. In keeping with our total health approach, optimizing cardiovascular health also shows increased brain function.

5. Comprehensive Consultation


Each Executive Program begins and ends with an extensive discussion with Dr. Boone, because the story of your health can’t be told simply with measurements, readings, and numbers.  Following your testing, you will sit down with Dr. Boone to review your test results. He will provide recommendations customized to your profile and cover any prescribed medications. If Dr. Boone recommends additional testing with a CT Angiogram, he will detail additional next steps. You will take home with you a full report on your health, samples, prescriptions and non-drug therapies.

6. CT Angiogram (if recommended)


If a CT Angiogram is recommended, you will meet at the Boone Heart Institute and our staff will guide you to Porter Adventist Hospital (adjacent to the Boone Heart Institute), where a specialized radiologist will perform your CT Angiogram.

1 Day with Dr. Boone for Optimal Heart Health

The unrivaled assessment and treatment options offered by the institute can not only identify disease, but can even work to reverse these risk factors and effectively decrease what Dr. Boone calls your “arterial age.” Because of these advanced treatments, the Boone Heart Institute has never had any patient under their care suffer a heart attack or stroke, and we plan to keep it that way.

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