Corporate Wellness

Protecting Your Business

 The Boone Heart Institute Corporate Wellness Program is the first step in taking ownership of and improving our company’s health and performance. Our employees are our greatest asset and we take pride in prioritizing their health.

Trusted by the Pros

The Boone Corporate Wellness program is trusted by top organizations across the nation, from world-class hospitals and conference centers to fire houses and NFL and MLB locker rooms.

Our clients work with us to receive a best-in-class prevention program that delivers the latest medical technology to every employee, or athlete, quickly and efficiently.

How it Works

  • Our trained medical team brings the same, cutting-edge technology used by the Boone Heart Institute direct to your office for on-site testing. Your employees never need to leave your office.

  • Each employee spends one hour with a member of our staff to review their medical history and perform a comprehensive menu of tests, customized to their specific health needs.

  • Results are provided confidentially to employees within days. Our staff is available to review results, address concerns, and schedule a follow-up consult if necessary.

Special Lecture by Dr. Boone

The Corporate Wellness program includes a special presentation by renowned speaker and thought leader, Dr. Boone. Employees are educated on the latest in prevention to ensure the benefits of the Corporate Wellness Program last a lifetime.

Benefits that Improve Your Company as a Whole

Improved Employee Health
& Wellness

Increased Productivity &
Reduced Absenteeism

Improved Employee
Long-Term Retention

The Ultimate Return on Investment

The Corporate Wellness Program is an investment with the ultimate return. Just one hour with us can ensure thousands more to spend with family, friends, and loved ones. Preventing one single employee heart attack will also pay for the entire program twice over. Contact us to learn more: