Concierge Program

Take Control of Your Health

At the Boone Heart Institute, we believe the best health care is based upon trust:  Trust in our medical expertise.  Trust that we know you and your story.  Trust that we will follow through with our promises.

The Boone Concierge Program is designed to help you easily navigate every facet of your own healthcare, and we are here to treat, support, and advocate for you every step of the way. Boone can now be your singular point of contact for all of your healthcare needs.

In addition to our industry-leading preventative testing program, we will provide everything from urgent care for minor illness, to scheduling appointments with outside specialists, to creating a healthcare schedule that will keep you on the right track with testing and treatment.

3 Simple Steps to Concierge Health Care


Start by creating your annual health calendar with your personal Patient Advocate.


Have all of your tests, treatments, and specialist visits coordinated by BHI, so you only have one point of contact.


Take control of your health and enjoy peace of mind knowing you are receiving the best, most complete care possible.

Concierge Membership

  • Executive Preventive Cardiology Physical

  • Cancer Prevention

  • Brain Health & Dementia Prevention

  • Quarterly Follow-ups with Dr. Boone

  • Complete Blood Work

  • Unlimited Sick Care Assistance

  • Priority Scheduling

  • All-inclusive – You will never see an additional bill from BHI.

$595/month (for 12 months)

Concierge Membership

  • Basic Heart Attack Prevention Package (C-IMT, Echocardiogram, Blood Pressure, EKG)

  • Blood Work not Included

  • Personalized Care Calendar

  • Unlimited Sick Care Assistance

  • Quarterly Consults with Dr. Boone

  • Priority Scheduling

  • A la Carte Additional Testing

$295/month (for 12 months)

Premium Care
You Can Count On

Our in-office care covers cardiovascular, neurological, and cancer screenings to ensure you stay ahead of the game when it comes to your overall health. For any concerns that lie outside of our expertise, your Patient Advocate will personally schedule your visit with one of the many respected experts in our Guardian Angel Network.

Your Executive Concierge Membership Includes

  • Executive Preventive Cardiology Physical – The Executive Program at Boone Heart Institute is a world-renowned program for administering cutting edge preventative cardiology care. Our executive examinations include a litany of patented tests and strategies that supply our Medical Team with a clear view of your cardiovascular system – so you’ll never miss a beat.

  • Cancer Prevention – Testing and tracking advanced cancer markers to catch and address any abnormalities at the earliest stage.

  • Brain Health & Dementia Prevention – Integrated EEG and complementary testing to optimize brain performance and slow or reverse the premature aging of the brain.

  • Personalized Care Calendar – A yearly testing and treatment plan created by you and the Boone Heart Team to transform your health care approach from reactive to proactive.

  • Guardian Angel Coordination – Our team will help navigate the often-confusing and always-frustrating health care system, connecting you with world class experts.  We will get you to the best people fast. 

  • Sick Care Assistance – Direct access to our Medical Team to coordinate prescriptions, deploy mobile urgent care, or if you have a quick question or just want to chat.  If it has to do with your health, we are on it.

You will also receive a FREE mobile ECG and blood pressure cuff with your membership.

Stop Stressing and Start Living
with the Concierge Program from BHI

Be confident in all of your healthcare decisions with the Concierge Program from Boone Heart Institute, so you can stop stressing and start living. Let us know below if you would like more information about the Boone Heart Concierge Program.