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“Triple E”: Excessive Endurance Exercise

"Triple E:" Excessive Endurance Exercise Everyone should be exercising regularly, but new research reveals excessive exercise can have a negative impact on your health.

Getting to the Heart of Heart Disease

Getting to the Heart of Heart Disease Why prevention is simple, but individuals should be "aggressive" in taking control of their own health.

The Impact of Stress

The Impact of Stress There are psychological components of stress. But Dr. Boone talks about the cardiovascular consequences of "mental intensity". Learn how you can measure and control this for improved health.

Protecting the Aging Brain

Protecting the Aging Brain The most important lecture Dr. Boone has ever given. New technology on measuring brain health reveals how controlling heart disease can help protect the brain.

Traditional Risk Factors Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Traditional Risk Factors Don't Tell the Whole Story Dr. Boone of the Boone Heart Institute discusses why traditional risk factors such as blood pressure and cholesterol don't tell the whole story when it comes to your heart health. One thing I've found problematic in the quest to pioneer the prevention of heart disease is [...]

Symptoms of Heart Disease

Symptoms of Heart Disease Heart disease is a diagnosis used to describe a handful of different illnesses and diseases that affect the heart.  Some causes can often fall under the term of heart disease include those that a person is born with, such as congenital heart disease. Others that affect the heart’s rhythm may be [...]