COVID – 19 Safety Message

Dear Boone Heart Institute Patients,

We will strive to keep you updated on the latest information about the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

The Boone Heart Institute clinic is still open and seeing patients on a limited basis. Only one patient at a time is currently allowed in the clinic for treatment until further notice. We have instituted strict hygienic standards for our staff, including sanitizing all equipment between patients. Our staff has been instructed to wash or sanitize their hands at least every 20 minutes.

All patients and staff are being screened for elevated temperature and monitored for other COVID-19 symptoms such as dry cough and shortness of breath.

According to American Heart Association information published on March 18, patients with cardiovascular disease are at increased risk after contracting COVID-19.  It is our responsibility to continue to provide higher-risk individuals with care during this time of crisis.

To read more, please visit:

To that end, we are encouraging patients with questions or concerns to schedule phone consultations with Dr. Boone.  We can also offer telemedicine conferencing if preferred.  This allows us to provide you with expert medical care while practicing the social distancing protocols that will prevent the virus from spreading.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at (303)762-0710 or emails us at

The Boone Heart Institute Team